As a veteran English teacher for 31 years, I have experienced many changes in our profession, including student and teacher expectations and professional development. I know what has benefitted my teaching and recognize what now needs to be addressed: the wellbeing of the student.

Every year teachers are required to have a certain number of professional development days, often based on the needs of the school. In my own experience, a few topics that have been addressed over the past few years include data collection, use of technology, PBL, etc. While these topics are necessary, I think we should expand our focus and examine the needs of our students, especially as these extend beyond traditional academics.

Many schools are already responding to student wellbeing by incorporating Social Emotional Learning and trauma-based training into their professional development regiment. With all of the unhealed trauma, and in some cases layers of trauma, our students experience, we must now focus on the mental health of our youth. Only when our young people are mentally healthy can true education take place.

So how do we help teachers and counselors help the students? Peace Literacy.

Peace Literacy is a new program that builds on a foundation for all other learning to occur. Peace Literacy provides an understanding of the root causes of anger, aggression, and violence and aims to help people find solutions to these issues, especially in our schools and classrooms. As a member and curriculum developer for the Peace Literacy National Committee, I am here to help.

In this website you will find resources from Peace Literacy founder Paul K. Chappell as well as curriculum materials developed by a Peace Literacy team of educators from across the U.S. that can be further developed for use in the classroom.

Incorporating Peace Literacy themes doe not have to be a task additional to the work that you already do. We can help you embed Peace Literacy skills in the requirements of the standards that you are already teaching.

Peace Literacy can change the face of education by reaching the hearts of the students.


Krista Hensley

Peace Literacy Currciulum Developer and Consultant


Photo Credit: Bobbie Rae Photography