I created this website to help share my passion for teaching empathy and peace. I have been teaching English classes in high school and college over 30 years and have always focused on importance of teaching empathy for others; however, I did not have the tools to go beyond explaining why it is important until I read the works of Paul K. Chappell.

Chappell gave me what I needed to teach students to have more empathy for all of humanity and to actively work for peace. Making use of Chappell’s work has proven invaluable in this regard. I particularly appreciate and take up Chappell’s challenge for educators: “What if the education system had put as much effort toward cultivating my muscle of empathy as it did toward cultivating my muscle of language? What if I had learned as much about rage, conscience, and conflict resolution as I had about grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure?” (Soldiers of Peace 74).

Chappell calls the education that he and so many of us are missing, “Peace Literacy.” I now work with Chappell and his team building Peace Literacy Curriculum so that future generations are better equipped to solve the global problems before us.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.